The Beautiful World of
Melodu Sanchez Wolfe


Melody lives in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize with her husband and 3 beautiful children.  This diverse and  gifted artist is constantly evolving and expanding the spheres of her work, employing varied mediums and exploring different styles of artistic expression. 


She loves to encourage and inspire young, budding artists and help them in developing their craft.  Her gallery also plays host to other Belizean artists, giving them exposure and helping them to capitalize on their talents.

As a fixture of the community, Melody is always involved in bettering the country where she lives through various charities and giving back wherever she can.

Melody's artworks can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world and prints may be also available for some pieces.  Even better, take a trip to this gorgeous part of the world and view her gallery fist hand!  Belize is a small, English speaking country nestled between Mexico and Guatemala. 

Here is a sampling of her work...

Please contact us to purchase or to commission a piece by Melody.  Or message her directly HERE